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Every year there are countless thousands of people who die or are injured due to preventable medical errors. The discovery, proof, and recovery for personal injuries and wrongful deaths in these cases, requires a sophisticated and experienced team of legal professionals. A Marietta personal injury lawyer will have the kind of expertise you need for performing a thorough investigation, using innovative trial techniques, and deliver aggressive representation.

Negligence as the result of medical malpractice and happen in any type of environment where treatment is being given. These cases may be against nurses, doctors, or other health care workers. Some examples of the types of medical negligence are –

  • Failure to Diagnose. 
  • Surgical Malpractice. 
  • Birth Defects. 
  • Brain Damage. 
  • Cerebral Palsy. 
  • Erb’s Palsy. 
  • Birth Injuries. 
  • Medication Errors. 
  • Paramedic & EMT Negligence. 
  • Hospital Patient Alarm Fatigue.  

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Failure to Diagnose 

This can include negligence in things like failing to properly diagnose or treat cancer, mis-diagnosing cancer, failure to properly diagnose or treat strokes or heart attacks, reading x-rays or mammograms negligently, failure to properly diagnose or treat any disease or condition that affects the body (could be interpreted as ‘malpractice’).

Surgical Malpractic

This includes being negligent during the course of an operation, failure in recognizing complications during a surgery, failure to properly recognize and treat all post-operative complications, and leaving instruments or any foreign bodies inside a patient.

Birth Defects

These cases are caused many times by the medical malpractice of a health clinic, pharmaceutical company, hospital, or a physician. Claims can be brought against birth defects that are the result of negligence on the part of any health care provider, as well as defective products. Whenever pregnant women undergo testing while pregnant, like amniocentesis or ultrasound, those results must accurately assessed, and the woman must be informed of the results promptly. Some specific medications should never be used by women who are pregnant, because of the harm they could cause to the fetus. Any errors in the prenatal care of a pregnant woman are deemed as being medical malpractice.

You can rest assured that there is a Marietta Personal Injury Lawyer handling current cases that involve children suffering from birth defects due to the anti-depressant called ‘Paxil’.

Brain Damage

This personal injury could be the result of medical malpractice that took place during anesthesia, childbirth, or from other events that caused a decrease in blood flow reaching the brain and depriving it of the proper amount of oxygen. Damages from a brain injury are very severe and usually permanent. If brain damage occurs as the result of negligence on the part of any medical provider or physician, then that injury could be compensable.

Cerebral Palsy

This type of personal injury arises to a specific region of the brain, called the ‘cerebrum’. It controls the motor skills and therefore coordination as well. Medical malpractice actions during childbirth can result in cerebral palsy. A doctor and his/her staff are bound by duty to monitor all the baby’s vital signs throughout the birthing procedure, to ensure that the baby has no adverse reactions. They can do this by observing the heartbeat while it shows on a fetal heart monitor. The worse thing about cerebral palsy, is that it’s permanent. It is also quite severs and results in very large personal injury damages.

Erb’s Palsy

These injuries can be the result of improper baby deliveries. They result in tearing and stretching injuries involving the nerves in the shoulders and neck called the ‘brachial plexus’. The sad thing is that this injury happens to babies that are otherwise perfectly healthy. They are often caused bay a physician using excessive force in the delivery, failing to recognize the shoulder distocia. This nerve damage affects both the shoulder and the nerves, and many times results in muscle atrophy and permanent function loss. These injuries are totally foreseeable as well as preventable. Personal injuries of this type, caused by the negligence of a physician, are compensable.

Birth Injuries

These injuries can be the result of prenatal care, failure to perform Cesarean section, medical care negligence toward the baby, and injuries during delivery. Birth injuries that result in malpractice may be catastrophic and also permanent. They can result in neurological injuries, death, and developmental delays. Other examples of conditions and birth injuries that are caused by medical malpractice are –

  1. Bruising, Cephalohematoma, surface injuries, and injuries caused by vacuum extractors and forceps.  
  2. Group-B Strep Disease that results in meningitis, pneumonia, or sepsis even several months after birth.  
  3. Kernicterus, a progressive kind of brain damage, which may develop in infants suffering from severe and untreated jaundice.

Medication Errors

These errors are the result of improper medication use and prescribing, failing to recognize contraindications, allergic reactions, improper medication combinations, and overdosing. These type of errors can be made by a pharmacist, nurse, or doctor.

EMT and Paramedic Negligence

These negligence cases occur whenever first responders do not arrive at a scene promptly, or make the wrong diagnosis, or fail to maintain their records accurately.

Hospital Patient Alarm Fatigue

This is when the medical staff and nurses become ‘de-sensitized’ to the patient alarms resulting in a failure to respond. In recent years, hospitals in Marietta have seen the number of these cases increasing, with the results being deaths and serious injuries.

We suggest that you retrieve your hospital and medical records immediately after you suspect any medical errors may have occurred during your treatment. Your medical records are crucial evidence in any medical malpractice case. Learn how to easily obtain a copy of yours.

Choosing Your Marietta Personal Injury Lawyer

Medical malpractice cases can be complex and very difficult. They can also take a long time to get resolved because of that complexity. It is crucial to you that you select your malpractice lawyer very carefully. We offer a ‘choosing a lawyer’ page that answers a lot of question you might have concerning the choice of your Marietta Personal Injury Lawyer for your case. Contact us today.

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