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Attorneys in Gwinnett County, Georgia for Car Accidents

According to the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, the state of Georgia experienced 1,504 traffic deaths in 2018 alone. Undoubtedly, many more car drivers and passengers ended up with serious and life-threatening injuries after experiencing a car accident in the state. Suffering from severe injuries in a car accident can be devastating physically as well as emotionally. An individual’s life may be forever changed in a split second due to another driver’s momentary inattention, negligence, or carelessness. Some victims may never return to their career or be able to take part in activities and hobbies they used to enjoy before a car accident. Victims may experience a complete reduction of their life quality and enjoyment. If you or a loved one experienced injuries as a result of a car accident, contact Blevins & Hong’ experienced Gwinnett County lawyer experienced in car accidents to learn how you could potentially hold the negligent driver legally responsible for your injuries, suffering, and financial harm.

If someone else’s negligence or recklessness is responsible for causing a car accident, victims may have legal recourse and the ability to hold the driver responsible for their injuries and losses. We understand the pain, emotional trauma, and financial hardship that car accident victims endure. Having an experienced car accident attorney by your side can help you fight for the compensation you deserve and justice under the law. Contact Blevins & Hong, LLC at (678) 883-7081 today and find out how we could help you after your car accident.

Reasons for Car Accidents in Gwinnett County

Many driver-related accidents are avoidable. Discovering that your accident happened as a result of someone’s inattentive driving or intoxication can feel unfair and frustrating. You may now be faced with mounting medical bills, income losses, and pain due to an accident that was someone else’s fault. However, you are not alone. If someone drove carelessly, you could potentially hold them responsible for your damages. An experienced car accident lawyer can assist you with both compassion and dedication.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), risky and careless driving includes:

  • Driving intoxicated due to alcohol or drugs
  • Driving distracted
  • Speeding excessively or failing to adjust speed to weather and road conditions
  • Driving fatigued and falling asleep at the wheel
  • Driving a vehicle with un-repaired manufacturing defects

Drivers can also operate a vehicle in a generally reckless manner and ignore traffic signs or signals, weave in and out of traffic dangerously, or follow too closely to the vehicle in front of them. Unfortunately, victims of reckless drivers may find it challenging to recover compensation for their damages. Getting the compensation you are owed under the law can be an uphill legal battle, particularly in complicated accidents where fault may be challenging to establish and prove.

Additionally, when a car accident involves a multi-vehicle pile-up or drivers without car insurance, victims often struggle endlessly to get what they deserve under the law. However, if you suffered significant injuries, requiring expensive and potentially long-term medical treatments, the at-fault party has a legal responsibility to make you whole again and pay for your damages.

Initiating a lawsuit can feel overwhelming, especially when victims are in the middle of recovery and still have pain and suffering. However, getting timely legal advice can be crucial for pursuing adequate compensation. A Gwinnett County lawyer experienced in car accidents can fight for a victim’s rights under the law and ensure they remain protected.

What Do I Do at the Scene of a Car Accident?

Car accidents can be a traumatic and frightening experience for all involved. The car crash scene itself might be chaotic and dangerous. Faced with this situation, it can be crucial to stay calm and collected. Knowing what to do at the scene of a crash can be important not only for your health and safety but also for preserving your legal rights. First of all, you should stay at the scene until the police arrive. Never drive away from an accident scene as this can be a criminal offense. Your next best steps to take at the scene of a crash can include:

Get Medical Help

Dial 911 for law enforcement and medical assistance, especially if you or others suffered injuries in the accident. Your number one priority at an accident scene should be your health and the health of any other individuals involved in the car accident. Getting a medical evaluation is important even if you do not feel immediate pain since a number of injuries, especially those involving head and neck trauma, can take days to develop and show any symptoms. According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms of traumatic brain injury (TBI) (one of the more common injuries in car accidents), may appear only weeks after an accident.

Take Pictures or Videos of the Crash Scene

If you can do so safely, taking pictures and videos of the scene, car damage, and surroundings, can be an excellent idea. Also, try to take pictures of any injuries if you are able to do so. Photographs and videos can later be used as evidence in court. In some cases, accident reconstruction experts can reconstruct an accident and determine fault by examining pictures of the crash scene.

Talk to the Police

After taking care of your health and any injuries, talking to the police can be a significant and important next step. Once a police officer arrives at a car crash scene, they will typically write a police report detailing how the car accident happened and who is at-fault for the crash. This is your opportunity and chance to tell the officer what you saw and experienced with as much detail as possible. A police report can help you file a claim with the car insurance company as well as provide excellent evidence later in court if the case goes to trial.

Collect Witnesses’ Contact Information

If you are able to do so, try to collect contact information from all witnesses and other drivers at the scene of the accident. Eyewitnesses can provide useful evidence and testify on your behalf in court, if necessary. Contact information should include names, addresses, email addresses, and telephone numbers. You also want to collect insurance information from the other drivers involved in the accident.

Contact a Gwinnett County Lawyer Focused on Car Accidents

Consider contacting an experienced car accident attorney as soon as you can to help you protect all of your legal rights. Your Gwinnett County lawyer for car accidents can advise you on your legal options if another driver’s negligence or carelessness caused your accident. They can also communicate with the negligent party’s insurance.

What you do at the scene of a crash can lay the foundations for legal action if you later decide to hold the negligent party responsible for financially compensating you for your injuries and losses. Acting calmly, not admitting fault, and not getting into any arguments with other drivers are always good ideas. While accidents can be extremely frustrating and upsetting, your focus should be on your health, co-operating with the police, and protecting your legal rights.

Different Types of Car Accidents That We Handle

What Are Common Car Accident Injuries?

Car accidents can lead to horrific injuries that have the potential to turn an individual’s entire life upside down. Serious or catastrophic injuries can have devastating effects on the emotional, physical, and financial health of victims. A Gwinnett County car accident attorney at Blevins & Hong, LLC is experienced in pursuing compensation for various common car accident injuries and understands the expenses and suffering that victims have to endure with consistent and ongoing medical treatments. 

Some of the common car accident injuries can include:

  • Spinal Fracture: High-speed impact car accidents can cause spinal fractures. Serious fractures typically require surgery. Spinal fractures can damage the spinal cord and may lead to permanent injury and in severe cases even paralysis.
  • Disc Herniation: While some herniated discs cause only minor symptoms or none at all, other disc herniation can result in numbness, pain, or weakness. Treatment for herniated discs can include physical therapy, medication, and in some cases surgery.
  • Knee Injuries: The knees are particularly vulnerable in car accidents. Injuries to the knees can include knee fractures, a torn meniscus, osteoarthritis, and more. While some knee injuries heal on their own with rest, others may require surgical intervention. Some car accident victims may even lose the full range of motion after a serious knee injury.
  • Upper Back Injuries: Car accidents can cause painful and serious upper back injuries such as fractured vertebrae. Victims can potentially experience upper back nerve damage, chronic pain, and even paralysis after a serious car accident.
  • Lower Back Injuries:: Lower back pain can be common with car accidents and may point to a number of injuries of the muscles, vertebrae, or spine in the lower back region. Injury of the lower back can cause swelling, bruising, and pain. Acute and chronic lower back pain from a car accident can severely impact a victim’s ability to perform normal daily living tasks.
  • Shoulder Injuries: Shoulder pain after a car accident can be the sign of a more serious injury such as a torn rotator cuff or a fracture. Dislocation of the shoulder joint can also be a common car accident injury. Shoulder injuries can lead to chronic dysfunction and may require surgery as well as ongoing physiotherapy.
  • Clavicle Breaks: Collar Bones can fracture relatively easily in a car accident. A fractured clavicle can severely limit a car accident victim’s shoulder and arm movement range. Broken clavicles can come with a range of complications such as chronic pain and permanent damage to nerves.
  • Neck Injuries: Neck injuries, such as whiplash, can be common in car accidents, particularly in rear-end crashes. Whiplash typically occurs due to the rapid back-and-forth movement of the head and neck during impact. While whiplash can be mild and heal on its own, in severe cases the condition can become chronic.
  • Arm and Leg Injuries: Car accident victims can suffer from a number of injuries to the arms and legs in a serious accident, including soft tissue injuries, dislocations, sprains, and fractures. A crushing injury to an arm or a leg can result in amputation of the limb.

Compensation for Common Car Accident Injuries

Injuries from car accidents can be debilitating and cause chronic pain and lifelong mobility issues. The medical bills that come with serious injuries can cause financial hardship for the victim as well as their family. If you suffered injuries in an accident that happened as a result of someone else’s fault, you should speak to a Gwinnett County car accident lawyer as soon as you can. You could be entitled to compensation for your medical costs, income losses, property damage, pain and suffering, and loss of life enjoyment, among other damages. It is important to note, however, that personal injury claims have a time limitation in Georgia. Therefore, getting legal help as soon as you can is crucial for having legal recourse and a chance of recovering compensation. Contact Blevins & Hong, LLC today for help.

Should I Hire a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

Hiring a car accident lawyer after an accident can be an important decision. If you suffered any kind of injuries in a car accident or incurred considerable property damage, you may want to take the time to consider asking a Gwinnett County car accident lawyer for legal advice and assistance ensuring your legal rights remain protected.

Determining fault in car accidents is not always straightforward, particularly when more than two cars are involved. Moreover, dealing with insurance companies can be challenging for car accident victims. The at-fault party’s insurance will often attempt to avoid paying full and fair compensation, and victims may be locked in a long and stressful fight, trying to get the compensation they are owed under the law. An experienced car accident lawyer can fight for a victim’s right to justice and compensation. If you considering hiring a lawyer after a car accident, consider the different ways in which a car accident attorney can help you including the following:

Gathering Evidence to Prove Fault

In order to have a chance for recovering compensation, a car accident victim will have to prove fault and negligence of the other party. In some cases, this process can be challenging and may require a considerable amount of research and thorough analysis of an accident scene. A car accident attorney can develop an independent investigation by gathering accident reports, witnesses’ statements, traffic camera footage, and other evidence proving fault. Your lawyer will use this evidence to build a strong case against the negligent driver.

Collecting Proof of Your Economic and Non-economic Losses

There is no claim without damages. Your lawyer will work on collecting the crucial documentation that details all your injuries, medical treatments, and expenses connected to your car accident. Showing a concrete link between the accident and injuries can sometimes be a sticking point. However, an experienced car accident lawyer can talk to your medical provider and obtain the documentation needed to prove your injuries and damages conclusively.

Communicating With Insurance Companies

Car accident victims often make the mistake of negotiating with the negligent party’s insurance company on their own or even providing recorded statements. This can potentially have negative consequences for their claim. Moreover, individuals who do not yet know the full extent of their injuries or are unable to estimate the costs for future medical treatments may accept a low settlement offer, leaving money they have a legal right to receive on the table. Unfortunately, once an out-of-court settlement is signed, the victim typically loses the right to additional legal action. Having an experienced car accident lawyer handle all communication and negotiation with the insurance company can protect an accident victim and ensure that their best interests are represented at all times.

Gwinnett County Lawyer Representing You in Court

Having legal advice and representation by a professional car accident attorney can take a substantial emotional weight off your shoulders, especially if your claim goes on to trial. While it is in theory possible to represent yourself in court and at your trial, you could be at a distinct disadvantage, according to the American Bar Association (ABA). An attorney can potentially protect you from attempts of the other side to minimize your injuries and reduce your compensation.

Hiring a car accident lawyer can be advantageous, particularly if you suffered significant injuries and financial losses in an accident. A Gwinnett County car accident lawyer can work on all aspects of your claim and fight for your legal right to compensation, leaving you free to concentrate on getting better and healing from your injuries. Most importantly, perhaps, having a seasoned lawyer in your corner can provide peace of mind. Your lawyer has the resources, knowledge, and tenacity to fight for what you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions After a Car Accident

  • What if I’m Hurt in A Car Accident?

    The process after you are hurt in a car accident is complex and a source of anxiety for many people. At Blevins & Hong, we understand that getting the best possible results for our clients is a primary concern, but keeping our clients informed about the status of their car accident case and helping our clients understand the process is equally as important. Here, we discuss the general process that most car accident cases follow:

    What Is the Process After You Are Hurt in a Car Accident?

    • You begin the process of getting the medical treatment that you need.
    • We put potential insurers on notice of the accident. Notifying insurers of the accident and the potential claim is required in order to obtain coverage for the car accident.
    • We will work to learn how much available insurance coverage there is for the accident.
    • You will continue receiving medical treatment until you reach maximum medical improvement.
    • We will work to obtain all of your medical and billing records from care providers as soon as you complete treatment.
    • We will compile and demand a package and discuss with you an acceptable recovery.
    • We will engage in negotiations with the insurance company in an effort to attempt to satisfactorily resolve your car accident claim prior to the filing of a lawsuit.
    • We will file a lawsuit in the event that we cannot settle the case amicably through negotiations.

    If you or someone that you care about has been injured in a car accident, contact Hong & Sessions Law, LLC today for a free consultation.

  • How do I Establish a Claim After a Car Accident?

    Generally, when attorneys talk about establishing a claim after a car accident, it means that they are communicating with the at-fault driver’s insurance company and any potential un- or underinsured motorist carriers about the accident. An important part of establishing the claim with insurers is getting the claim set up with insurers and getting a claim number that your attorney will use to communicate with the insurer about the claim going forward. However, there are two (2) more important tasks performed in connection with the establishment of the claim after a car accident:

    • To establish a claim after a car accident, provide the insurer with notice of the incident that is covered by the insurance policy. As a condition of coverage, every insurance policy requires that the insurer receives timely notice of the occurrence of an event that is covered by the policy. The failure to provide timely notice of the occurrence of an event that is covered by the insurance policy can result in the insurer attempting to avoid coverage by filing what is called a declaratory judgment action.
    • Establishing a claim after your car accident is our first opportunity to discuss with the insurance company the details of the claim. Yes, first impressions really do matter. With the establishment of the claim, your attorney can begin to help the insurer understand the value of your case. This can make a huge difference in your final settlement.

    If you or someone that you care about has been injured in a car accident, contact Blevins & Hong today for a free consultation.

  • What if I Lose My Car Accident Injury Case?

    Many clients are rightfully concerned about whether they will be charged fees and expenses by their lawyer if they do not win their car accident injury case. If our firm accepts your case, you will enter into a written fee agreement with the firm. Two clauses in the fee agreement address these concerns directly. Our fee agreement in car accident injury cases is what is called a contingency fee agreement. We are not paid a fee unless we win your case. Unlike many firms that handle personal injury cases, we also do not bill our clients for case expenses unless we obtain a recovery in the case.

    Why Do We Not Charge Our Clients Unless We Win the Case?

    When you engage an attorney to represent you in a serious injury case, you are placing a tremendous amount of trust in that attorney. The attorney must likewise believe in your case and his/her ability to win your case. That is a bet/risk that the attorney must be willing to take. For many of our clients, their injury has caused tremendous financial hardships for their families. Wondering “What if I lose my car accident injury case?” only adds to their anxiety and fear. We have simply taken the stance that we do not need to compound those problems by seeking to recover costs if we do not win the case. That is a personal/moral position that we at Blevins & Hong have chosen to take.

  • Am I Getting a Car Accident Settlement?

    For most people injured in a car accident, obtaining the maximum recovery/settlement possible as quickly as possible is a high priority. If you are seriously injured in a car accident, your inability to work and provide for your family may place an extreme burden on your family’s well-being. Having a lawyer that understands how to efficiently navigate the process and aggressively pursue the recovery that you deserve is essential for many of our clients. We want you to understand the process of pursuing a settlement and what to expect.

    Protecting/Preserving Insurance Coverage After a Car Accident Is a Crucial Part of Pursuing a Recovery

    It is critical that we take action after a car accident to notify insurers that are possibly responsible for covering the accident of incident. Notice to an insurance company of a possible covered loss/incident is a requirement of every insurance policy. It is critical that both the at-fault driver’s insurer and any potential uninsured motorist policy carrier be notified of the accident and the potential claim.

    We have provided an extensive discussion of the process of establishing a claim and notifying insurers of a claim.

    Ensuring the Payment of Medical Expenses Through Available Health Insurance Policies

    It is not uncommon for medical care providers and hospitals to attempt to recover from the proceeds of a car accident settlement as opposed to billing your available health insurance carrier. This procedure can make a real difference in the amount of recovery that you obtain, and a failure to pursue the billing of your health insurance policy early in the process can delay the settlement of the case.

    The payment of medical bills and obtaining the necessary care for injuries resulting from a car accident is an essential part of the process.

  • What Is the Hit-and-Run Law in Georgia?

    We frequently assist clients in resolving hit-and-run allegations. Hit-and-run charges are particularly troublesome for defendants because, by simply acknowledging involvement in the accident, you’re potentially incriminating yourself.

    (a) The driver of any vehicle involved in an accident resulting in injury to or the death of any person or in damage to a vehicle which is driven or attended by any person shall immediately stop such vehicle at the scene of the accident or shall stop as close thereto as possible and forthwith return to the scene of the accident and shall:

    (1) Give his or her name and address and the registration number of the vehicle he or she is driving;

    (2) Upon request and if it is available, exhibit his or her operator’s license to the person struck or the driver or occupant of or person attending any vehicle collided with;

    (3) Render to any person injured in such accident reasonable assistance, including the transporting, or the making of arrangements for the transporting, of such person to a physician, surgeon, or hospital for medical or surgical treatment if it is apparent that such treatment is necessary or if such transporting is requested by the injured person; and

    (4) Where a person injured in such accident is unconscious, appears deceased, or is otherwise unable to communicate, make every reasonable effort to ensure that emergency medical services and local law enforcement are contacted for the purpose of reporting the accident and making a request for assistance.

    The driver shall in every event remain at the scene of the accident until fulfilling the requirements of this subsection. Every such stop shall be made without obstructing traffic more than is necessary.

    What Is the Punishment for a Hit-And-Run in Georgia?

    Georgia's hit-and-run law makes certain hit-and-run-related offenses felonies, but generally, a hit-and-run offense is a misdemeanor. If the accident that the driver attempted to leave the scene of caused “serious injury” or death, the hit-and-run may be charged as a felony:

    If such accident is the proximate cause of death or a serious injury, any person knowingly failing to stop and comply with the requirements of subsection (a) of this Code section shall be guilty of a felony and, upon conviction thereof, shall be punished by imprisonment for not less than one nor more than five years.

    O.C.G.A. § 40-6-270.

    What Is Enhanced Punishment for Multiple Hit-And-Run Convictions in Georgia?

    If such accident is the proximate cause of an injury other than a serious injury or if such accident resulted in damage to a vehicle which is driven or attended by any person, any person knowingly failing to stop or comply with the requirements of this Code section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and:

    (A) Upon conviction shall be fined not less than $300.00 nor more than $1,000.00, which fine shall not be subject to suspension, stay, or probation, or imprisoned for up to 12 months, or both;

    (B) Upon the second conviction within a five-year period of time, as measured from the dates of previous arrests for which convictions were obtained to the date of the current arrest for which a conviction is obtained, shall be fined not less than $600.00 nor more than $1,000.00, which fine shall not be subject to suspension, stay, or probation, or imprisoned for up to 12 months, or both; and for purposes of this subparagraph, previous pleas of nolo contendere accepted within such five-year period shall constitute convictions; and

    (C) Upon the third or subsequent conviction within a five-year period of time, as measured from the dates of previous arrests for which convictions were obtained to the date of the current arrest for which a conviction is obtained, shall be fined $1,000.00, which fine shall not be subject to suspension, stay, or probation, or imprisoned for up to 12 months, or both; and for purposes of this subparagraph, previous pleas of nolo contendere accepted within such five-year period shall constitute convictions.

    The team at Hong & Sessions Law has an exceptional record of successfully defending Georgia hit-and-run offenses. In the overwhelming majority of cases, we are able to conclude the cases (1) without our client being arrested on a warrant for the hit-and-run offense and (2) without a conviction for hit-and-run.

    If you have been involved in a hit-and-run in Georgia, contact Blevins & Hong today.

How Can Blevins & Hong, LLC Help?

If you experienced injuries in a car accident and do not know what your next best steps are for protecting your legal rights, speak to our car accident attorneys today. Blevins & Hong, LLC is committed to fighting for the best possible outcome for our clients. Our Gwinnett County lawyer for car accidents can help you get reimbursement and compensation in a number of ways, including:

  • Analyzing your car accident claim thoroughly
  • Calculating all of your economic and non-economic losses
  • Interviewing eyewitnesses and gathering evidence to prove your claim
  • Protecting your legal rights and best interests at all times
  • Explaining legal language and context in understandable terms
  • Fighting for your right to justice and maximum possible compensation
  • Negotiating effectively and aggressively with insurance companies

A Gwinnett County lawyer for car accidents can fight for a fair settlement that will cover all your damages, including past, present, and expected future costs connected to the accident. We give our clients the time, attention, and compassion that they deserve. Contact Blevins & Hong, LLC today for a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our dedicated team: (678) 883-7081. We represent clients in Duluth, Johns Creek, Suwanee, Norcross, Lawrenceville, Sugar Hill, Snellville, Lilburn, Peachtree Corners, and the surrounding areas.

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